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    Farkle Shop is a motorcycle product marketplace to sell preowned, overstock motorcycle products, advertise motorcycle related business, services, accommodations and motorcycle destinations.

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    FarkleShop Motorcycle banner advertisement regardless of page position is based on time, not clicks or views. A minimum of 30 days per ad is required. Prices vary according to page placement and start as little as one cup of coffee per day. Ads reports are sent via email to advertisers monthly. You may make further inquiries here.


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    Industry focused users (All of our users are riders or soon to be riders)

    Ease of use (Simple to follow user interface)

    Log in with your Google Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account

    Additional revenue stream (Reach more people, using Farkleshop as a second website)

    Buy Now Button  (Collect profits straight from your customer via PayPal)

    Affordable   (Our prices range from Free to affordable)

    Search Engine friendly (Each post is crawled by Google and other search engines)

    Additional social media publishing push (We can push your products to our Social Media accounts)

    Reciprocal links (Add a product link or website) Adding an incoming link from a common industry adds to improved SEO ranking)

    Add your product Company Video with YouTube or Vimeo (More hits, more impressions)

    Map  and directions to your place of business built into your ad FREE

    Product video ad roll in (Place a pre- or post-ads in our hosted video gallery)

    Easy product search on every page

    Make additional profit with an affiliate marketing account

    Create a product blog (can be RSS imported)

    Create a video channel

    Share your industry knowledge (Ask a Pro)

    XML product import for vast product groups (Time saver)

    Attention-grabbing advert enhancements (move your ad to the front, plus more)

    Mobile device ready (User friendly, searchable on all devices)

    No social media politics (This is a BS FREE website)

    Online Tech support (Live and submitted support tickets)






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    If you have a family friendly motorcycle video, we would like you to share it on If you have a YouTube or Vimeo account, it's as easy as copying and posting the link. Get your video seen by the motorcycle crowd. Get more views, recognition and reciprocal links using

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     Motorcycle Marketplace. Buy sell promote all things motorcycle.

    Farkle Shop billboard seen from the road. This is pretty darn sweet and a marketing milestone. If you need a sign that Farkleshop is the place for your motorcycle promotion, here it is.