Viking Tactical XL Motorcycle Sissy Bar Backpack / Product # 553312

Like other offerings from Viking Bags I found the Viking Tactical XL Motorcycle Sissy Bar Backpack designed and built well, with seams and zippers created with precision and care. The 2746 cu inches of storage favors those who tend to overpack with room for your laptop, clothes,  and miscellaneous gear.  Strapped to your bike or back, this backpack will let you move with comfort to your destination, prepared with all your essentials neatly organized. The Viking Tactical XL Motorcycle Sissy Bar Backpack comes with neat features like adjustable padded shoulder straps, molle style webbing on the front, additional sunglasses pouch, wet storage bag and two 25oz water bottle holders. The bag unzips 180 degrees for easy packing and adjustment straps that keeps contents securely in place. If there is one flaw it would be the lack of water proofing. However that being said in my many years of riding motorcycles I have found that even Gortex after years of use tend to weep water and weather proofing must be reapplied to keep your gear dry. A liberal application of Scotchgard or similar product will solve this nitpick and have you riding carefree in just about any climate. 


Vikings Bags has created yet another quality made,  affordable product for any motorcycle enthusiasts not worried about brand signaling.  If you are a combo motorcycle bag / backpack kind of person, you should consider the Viking Tactical XL Motorcycle Sissy Bar Backpack.  If you can’t fit what you need in this backpack you should maybe consider taking the car.


Vikings Bags did send me a Tactical XL Motorcycle Sissy Bar Backpack free of charge to evaluate, but did not guide or coach me on what to say or write.

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