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  • About Us

    Farkle Shop is a motorcycle product marketplace to sell preowned, overstock motorcycle products, advertise motorcycle related business, services, accommodations and motorcycle destinations. Whether you are an individual with a few extra motorcycle products or a business with overstock, FarkleShop enables another layer of brand recognition, SEO back links and revenue streams that did not exist before. FarkleShop is like adding another website or sales person to your team without the hassle, expense, and managerial time. Let us help re-distribute your product and good name to the motorcycle industry.

    Ads published on Farkle Shop include, product descriptions, images with ALT tags, intro text, product category, location, website link, video link, contact info, “Buy Now” Buttons, and customer offers messages. All this creates sales opportunity, web visibility, better SEO, and promotes higher Google ranking. For those businesses with over 25 products to re-market, inquire about our xml file import feature.

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    Make sure you describe your item for sale in detail for best results.

    Fill out meta tags and descriptions

    Post good quality images of your used motorcycle gear from different angles

    Purchase a subscriptions account. Subscriptions provide longer advertisement duration's, special promotions, convenience, multiple ads and discount per ad pricing.

    Contribute to the Q&A section for more visibility.

    Coming soon multiple category listing


    FarkleShop advertisement subscription may be right for you if you need;
    1) Longer advertisement duration's. 
    2) Have more than one motorcycle ad to post.
    3) Want to save money.
    4) Want benefits of free add on promotions.
    Currently, there are three to choose from, plus one special Beta tester subscription account especially for those who wants to help us out with the finer use details of this website. You must be logged in to see all subscription offers. You may also purchase Farkle points, which can be used like credit toward many offers. Farkle Points can be earned by contributing to content, awarded by administrators or purchased directly. Farkle Points are just part of what we do to make using Farkle Shop easier, and to show appreciation to our users.
    Looking for more? Become a contributor, adding stories, videos, images and your vast motorcycle knowledge to help newer riders mature to competent pilots.  We are a brother and sisterhood of riders, let's share our good fortune, stories and experience with each other. Now get out there and ride.
     Special Users
    FarkleShop user rank has many levels, all directed at a particular purpose or achievement. Some of the more common levels are author, producer, vendor, and Beta tester. Each level comes with responsibility, perks, and new access to FarkleShop user levels are a privilege that can be revoked or changed at anytime. It cannot be purchased in our shop and must be approved by Farkleshop administration. Contact us here regarding your request.
    Beta Tester - Ability to correspond with Farkleshop admin. Comes with free Farkle points for testing purposes. Includes discounts for being a valued member of our beta tester group.
    Vendor -Subscription includes multiple advertisement posts, Bonus Farkle Points, XML based product upload, flexibility to included banner ads, roll in video ads, and  technical advice in our Q&A section.
    Publisher- Is someone who has an existing video channel or creates new video content especially for
    Author- Is someone who has an existing blog or creates new content especially for


  • Air pressure

    When riding on dirt with an adventure bike, what air pressure do you run in front and back?

  • Farkle Shop Motorcycle Marketing, Promote all things motorcycle

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    Popular options to make your Farkleshop motorcycle ad more visible

    You can make your selection at time of ad creation and or ad renewal


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    Farkle Shop is a motorcycle product marketplace to sell preowned, overstock motorcycle products, advertise motorcycle related business, services, accommodations and motorcycle destinations.

  • Farkleshop stickers

    Some exciting news, Farkle Shop customers will be able to enjoy FarkleShop stickers. The Oval 3" x 2" logo stickers are small and can be used in any discreet place you wish. Here is a sneak preview of what they look like.


  • FarkleShop with coffee your new morning ritual

    Morning ritual


  • Free Motorcycle advertisement

    Five day ads on FarkleShop are FREE! Additional publishing, promotions, web links, video can be added with points, subscriptions or ad upgrade.

  • Guest Blogs

    Rider blogs

    Guest blogs from around the net via RSS import or written directly by talented motorcycles riders / writers.

  • How to wheelie

    Do you need to know how to wheelie if you ride in the dirt?

  • Independent Motorcycle Product Review

    Motorcycle and product reviews without compensation, independently evaluated and free from marketing bias.

  • Is it easy to change your oil?

  • Lassen, Burney Falls, Dunmuir, via Alderpoint Rd Zenia Bluff Rd

    Super twisty, check road, weather and gas before attempting

  • Motorcycle hemet fitting

    When choosing a motorcycle helmet, how can you tell if the helmet fits you correctly?

  • Motorcycle Product Reviews

  • Motorcycle riding milestones

    What do you consider reasonable milestones for "intermediate" and "experienced" riders?

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    motorcycle marketing partnership is always on the lookout for great new partnerships. You pitch it and we will listen. Contact us







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    Our Affiliate program is not ready for production, but if you wish to sign up, you can do so here.

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