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    Recyclebike250 is a motorcycle product marketing website. Sell your motorcycle products and services whether new, used, or overstock. As long as it is motorcycle related you can sell it, display it, and market it on
    Farkleshop advertisement is subscription based (but not re-occurring subscriptions), meaning you pay a flat fee to advertise then renew when needed.


    Farkleshop Features:
    1. We feature a BUY NOW button that is linked to your PayPal account, so all sales go direct to you. Standard ad page includes; Category, Product description, five product images, website link, product video, product rating, and Product review.

    2. Push your ad to social media; Once published, you can post your ad to more than 100 social media networks with a few clicks.

    3. Ad enhancements include; Front page position, color background, bold type, and re-post to Farkleshop's social media accounts that includes, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Intagram

    4. Web Page Banner Advertisement; Sizes 160x 600 or 300×250 Flat rate by month/page

    5. Advertise or write a blog on Farkleshop or automatically import your current blog via RSS.

    6. Product Review; Send us a product, and we will review it. OR Send us copy of the per-written product review, and we will post it.

    7. (Re-post your motorcycle related video on Farkleshop) Import from YouTube, Vimeo, or upload your video to

    8. Question and Answer; Ask/Answer motorcycle related questions with your industry knowledge

    9. Events; Post your motorcycle events

    We are affordable, fair and family friendly. Right now, I'm offering a 1-year subscription for $110.00 dollars, that includes 108 ads! We also offer single ads and packages with shorter duration and advert quantity to fit any budget.

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    Make sure you describe your item for sale in detail for best results.

    Fill out meta tags and descriptions

    Post good quality images of your used motorcycle gear from different angles

    Purchase a subscriptions account. Subscriptions provide longer advertisement duration's, special promotions, convenience, multiple ads and discount per ad pricing.

    Contribute to the Q&A section for more visibility.

    Coming soon multiple category listing


    FarkleShop advertisement subscription may be right for you if you need;
    1) Longer advertisement duration's. 
    2) Have more than one motorcycle ad to post.
    3) Want to save money.
    4) Want benefits of free add on promotions.
    Currently, there are three to choose from, plus one special Beta tester subscription account especially for those who wants to help us out with the finer use details of this website. You must be logged in to see all subscription offers. You may also purchase Farkle points, which can be used like credit toward many offers. Farkle Points can be earned by contributing to content, awarded by administrators or purchased directly. Farkle Points are just part of what we do to make using Farkle Shop easier, and to show appreciation to our users.
    Looking for more? Become a contributor, adding stories, videos, images and your vast motorcycle knowledge to help newer riders mature to competent pilots.  We are a brother and sisterhood of riders, let's share our good fortune, stories and experience with each other. Now get out there and ride.
     Special Users
    FarkleShop user rank has many levels, all directed at a particular purpose or achievement. Some of the more common levels are author, producer, vendor, and Beta tester. Each level comes with responsibility, perks, and new access to FarkleShop user levels are a privilege that can be revoked or changed at anytime. It cannot be purchased in our shop and must be approved by Farkleshop administration. Contact us here regarding your request.
    Beta Tester - Ability to correspond with Farkleshop admin. Comes with free Farkle points for testing purposes. Includes discounts for being a valued member of our beta tester group.
    Vendor -Subscription includes multiple advertisement posts, Bonus Farkle Points, XML based product upload, flexibility to included banner ads, roll in video ads, and  technical advice in our Q&A section.
    Publisher- Is someone who has an existing video channel or creates new video content especially for
    Author- Is someone who has an existing blog or creates new content especially for


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    Farkle Shop is a motorcycle product marketplace to sell preowned, overstock motorcycle products, advertise motorcycle related business, services, accommodations and motorcycle destinations.

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    Automatic article RSS feed
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    Scheduled stream posts
    Schedule posts for a later date like holidays, sales and special events
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    Create your own Motorcycle group within Farkleshop and interact with your fans
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    Post your motorcycle events with an option for revolving
    Easy invite to groups , pages
    Invite people to your groups and pages easily
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    Photo albums
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    The Oval 3" x 2" logo stickers are small and can be used in any discreet place you wish.
    Here is a sneak preview of what they look like.
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  • Used BMW Motorcycles for Sale | Visit Your Dealer in Chico, California

    Ozzie's BMW Motorcycles has your next pre-owned BMW motorcycle purchase! Shop online or call us at (530) 345-4462!
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  • Viking Cycle Ironborn Black Textile Motorcycle Jacket Review

    Viking Cycle Ironborn Black Textile Motorcycle Jacket Review

    If you do not already have a good quality motorcycle jacket, I encourage you now to do some research and get one. Someday you will thank me for the advice.

    Recently I received a Jacket for testing from Viking Cycle, the Viking Cycle Ironborn Black Textile Motorcycle Jacket item# VC512B-S.  At first glance, it's a nice looking jacket with an equally wearable style whether you are on a cruiser, adv, sport tourer or pretty much whatever you ride.  It's a two piece black textile jacket, 100% 600D Polyester coated by PU (polyurethane) with a removable vest liner.  The Ironborn has ample adjustment at the forearm, wrist, and waist. There are five zippered pockets; two hand pockets, two upper chest pockets and one interior pocket hidden near the main zipper.  Venting is equally impressive, with two arm vents and two rear back vents. The back vents were easily reachable without prior limbering up or yoga training. All the zippers appear quality and are rubberized to help with waterproofing. The black exterior includes dark gray accent stripes over each shoulder (pending the color you choose) and a rounded collar with hook and loop fastener. The fit of the jacket seems consistent with American sizing standards. I would say that its cut is more towards a street rider than an adventure rider, as it has a more tailored appearance.

    Jacket comes in a variety of colors (see below)


    motorcycle partsmotorcycle partsmotorcycle parts
    motorcycle partsmotorcycle partsmotorcycle parts

     The jacket itself is comfortable to wear with the CE armor protection located precisely where you need it; elbows, shoulder and back. The wearer of the Ironborn should be warm in all but the harshest environments and comfortable to temps well into the ninety degrees Fahrenheit. (also with the help of layering)

    Prior to this review, I had not seen nor used any VikingCycle products. The fact that this is a moderately priced motorcycle jacket concerned me a bit, I expected the quality for some features to be lacking, but that is not the case. The example I received was well stitched and thoughtfully designed.

    Is this the best jacket money can buy? No it isn't.  But does it tick the boxes of safety, comfort, style and value?  Yes, yes it does.

    The Ironborn textile jacket would be a great first jacket for new riders, or a secondary jacket for seasoned riders looking for some flexibility in their motorcycle wear. This is a jacket I will keep myself for day rides and for my guests to use should they need gear. My only question? What new motorcycle do I need to buy to match my new Ironborn jacket?




    Value;  a hundred bucks buys a lot of protection and comfort

    Rain and wind resistant

    CE rated armor

    Adjustability in the forearms, wrists, and waist

    Venting to keep you cool on hot rides

    Liner to keep you warm on cool rides

    Comes in a variety of colors

    Stylish, it just looks good!

    1-year warranty against defects

    30 day return policy



    No reflective areas/piping for night riding

    Missing some options of higher priced jackets


    Disclaimer: I have not received endorsements for this review. I do get to keep the test jacket should I want it. I was not coached nor encouraged to make a favorable review of any VikingCycle products and was free to give my honest opinion without bias.



  • What's the definition of farkle?


    1)     The word is generally accepted to mean a combination of "function" and "sparkle", hence, farkle.

    2)     Fancy Accessory, Really Kool, Likely Expensive

    3)     Fart and chuckle, an involuntary fart caused by laughter

    4)     Known by other names such as Zonk and Wimpout!, Farkle is a dice game in which the goal is to get the highest score on the highest round of play.

  • You can see all kinds of stuff when you ride a motorcycle

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    Farkle Shop billboard seen from the road. This is pretty darn sweet and a marketing milestone. If you need a sign that Farkleshop is the place for your motorcycle promotion, here it is.